Lemoine Disaster Recovery is a subsidiary of The Lemoine Company, a Louisiana-based ENR Top-400 Contractor with over 45 years of experience across the Gulf Central Region.  With over 15 years of disaster assessment and disaster recovery experience, Lemoine Disaster Recovery is equipped with the fleet,  staffing, and risk mitigation expertise necessary to work in complex, damaged, and potentially hazardous environments.


In a customer survey, 95% of residents affected by the Houston, Texas Harvey Flooding of 2017 said they would rate Lemoine 

"Excellent" in overall customer experience.

"Mr. Josh Cloud (Lemoine Project Superintendent) and everyone I talked to at Lemoine from the very beginning has been wonderful. Mr. Cloud worked out some concerns I had. I really appreciate it. Mr. Cloud was very careful and very considerate."

Ms. Diane, Park Forest Neighborhood Resident

Shelter at Home Program

"I know that some negative videos about Louisiana's "Shelter at Home" program have been posted online. I must say that I have nothing but positive things to say about the inspector, contractor, and all involved with this program from Lemoine in Lafayette. My slab was cleaned and sanitized on Friday. Today, I came home and the A/C company had changed out my entire A/C unit- outside and in the attic. I am extremely appreciative!"


Ms. Lisa B.   |   Shelter at Home Program   |   Lafayette, Louisiana